Kiss Me, Kate

Open February 28, 2014

Kiss Me, Kate is classic Cole Porter and considered one of Broadway’s greatest treasures! Fireworks ensue onstage and off between Fred Graham and his ex-wife Lilli Vanessi as they star in a musical version of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. Famously choreographed for the spectacular film version by Broadway legend Bob Fosse, this 1949 Tony Award-winner is bursting with hits that include “I Hate Men,” “Another Op’nin’, Another Show” and “So In Love.” Audiences will want to “brush up” on their Shakespeare as the Arizona Broadway Theatre presents an all-new production of this beloved classic!

REVIEW: David Appleford, 99.9KEZ

REVIEW: Gil Benbrook,


Renee Koher, David Sattler, Anya Absten, David Michael Bevis, Justin Sams, Andy Meyers, Darren Friedman, Ashley D. Kelley, Bruce Laks, Erik Joshua Clack, Quinten Patrick Busey, EJ Dohring, Marc De La Concha, David Simmons, DJ Petrosino, Leonardo Altafini, Bob Downing, Hannah Bentley, Alicia Newcom, Melissa Waterbury, Jen Morris and Daria DeGaetano

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