Pageant Contestant: Miss West Coast

Here she is, Miss West Coast, Karma Quinn!

I’m not the best at writing and all, but I’m super excited to share a little about me. They said to, “write in 3rd person” but what’s special about me is that I have been reincarnated so many times I could literally do this in the 11th or 12th person. So, 35” 22” 35”. Umm, Gemini. Pink, obvi. When I was younger my favorite movie was, “A Walk to Remember” but now that I’m grown I’m really into, “Inside Out” (just as good for adults). Dirty blonde. Yoga, beach, salad. I recently started the pageant circuit after my ex-boyfriend’s director friend suggested I should try out modeling. I was like, “modeling would be so fun, but I have more to offer than just looks. I also ribbon dance.” Pageants seemed to be the natural next step. Not really into the competing, so it’s like low stress and I meet some great, strong, crazy smart ladies and I learn something new every day. Like, did you know that in Texas you can backhand someone when they say something stupid? I learned the hard way cause Kitty Bob tends to follow Texas rules in the dressing room. In my free time I like to stencil, visit vortexes, and paint my friends’ nails. Thanks to my mom, dad, stepdad, Todd, my brother Leaf and little sisters Sedona, Moon, Rainstorm and Hopitaki Tutu (adopted but still just sweet and sassy). Now you know me. In a weird way, we’re kinda connected. Like, I’m in your mind. You are reading this right now in your head, but the voice you gave me in your head is like my voice or your interpretation of my voice. So, I’m kinda like in your head…part of you. Heavy.

If you had a magic wand, what would you wish for and why?

If I had a magic wand I’d keep it very safe because you do not want to lose a thing like that. Then I’d wish for world peace because that would be great! Then for like, a woman president, cause Hillary, duh. Then I’d wish for everyone to get what they want. Then I’d probably have to wish for world peace again cause, ya know, you can’t have everything. Like, it can’t be peaceful forever, right? So, I’d need to use that wand every so often. Keep people in line.

What is your greatest contribution to society?

My greatest contribution has taken over 300 years. Throughout all my past lives I have slowly been building my great contribution to the world. I can’t tell you what it is, but it’s gonna be great. And glittery. 

What do you most like about yourself? Dislike?

What I like best about myself is probably my intuition. I’ve always been able to intoot since I was a little girl. What I dislike is probably, I usually don’t talk about this, but my left eye is a little smaller than my right. 

What is the essence of being a woman?

The essence of being a woman is mainly water and then I think it is carbon or carbide. Hair and nails, and that is basically it. Crazy to think that such complex things are all made of the same few elements. Oh, and skin.

What is the most important lesson your mother taught you?

The most important lesson my mother ever taught me was to “stop using the blow dryer in the shower.” You can get electrocuted that way. My neighbor’s cousin did that and ended up in the ICU for like a week.

If you were shipwrecked on a desert island, what one thing would you want with you and why?

If I were stuck on a desert island the one thing I would def bring is my magical wand I keep hidden away. 

What sacrifices have you made for this pageant?

I don’t believe in animal sacrificing and I’d prefer not giving the topic more thought.