How are the performers chosen? Are they local or from out-of-town?

The performers are selected from auditions held throughout the year in New York City and Phoenix. Some are native Arizonans, while the others come from across the nation.

Suggested Dress

Appropriate attire for the Arizona Broadway Theatre ranges from “business casual” to as formal as you like. Please no ball caps, tennis shoes, shorts, jeans, t-shirts or workout apparel.


For your safety and as a courtesy to others, please remain seated during the performance. If you must leave during the performance, please attempt to time it during applause or blackout times so as to minimize the disruption. On your return, re-entry will be at the discretion of the House Manager, typically at the end of a musical number or when it is least disruptive to the show.

Theatre Changes

In order to provide the finest in professional entertainment, we reserve the right to change shows, performers, dates, times and pricing without notice, or to substitute menu items in order to insure the highest quality dining experience. Other provisions may apply; please ask when reserving your tickets.


Photography and/or the use of any recording devices is strictly prohibited during the performance. We reserve the right to take possession of any devices used to record any portion of any performance to ensure photo and/or recording is destroyed. The device will be returned at the owner’s expense.

Pagers and Cell Phones

As a courtesy to all Arizona Broadway Theatre guests and performers, please silence pagers, cell phones and all other devices when in the theatre, especially during the performance.

Smoke-Free Theatre

The entire Arizona Broadway Theatre is a smoke-free environment (includes e-cigarette devices).

I want to advertise in the ABT program book. Where can I find more information?

For more information regarding advertising in the ABT program books, please contact Scott Kann, 602-620-0358.

Box Office FAQs can be found HERE.