Fall Interim Programming and COVID-19 FAQs

We are extremely excited to welcome you back to ABT. To assure your visit with us will be safe for you, your fellow patrons, and our cast members and employees the following is important information we’d like you to know before returning:

What changes can you expect when attending ABT?

    • Sanitation: additional sanitation and safety protocols have been implemented. All high-touch points within the building will be sanitized and cleaned frequently. All other touch points will be disinfected daily. Additional hand sanitizer stations will be in place throughout the ABT lobby
    • Masks are REQUIRED: all patrons must wear a properly fitting mask (in all common areas over nose & mouth when NOT eating or drinking). If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you
    • All ABT staff will be required to wear masks on site
    • Physical distancing markers and instructions will be placed throughout the lobby and within the theatre
    • Patrons will no longer be escorted to their tables by a volunteer usher; patrons will seat themselves with the assistance of the House Manager and ABT staff
    • New clearly marked aisle numbers (A, B, C, D, E, F, and G) and table numbers will be indicated on the floor and tables of the theatre to provide for easy seating reference
    • During the remainder of 2020, bar service will be available in the lobby only; no individual table service will be provided at this time
    • Seating within the theatre will be adjusted to accommodate appropriate physical-distancing recommendations
    • Only parties with tickets purchased together will sit together at a table
    • Murder & A Meal is the ONLY Fall Interim Programming with meal and table service included. All other programming and events are performance-only – bar service and concessions will be available for purchase in the ABT lobby
    • Depending on the event, there will be no intermission OR intermission times will be extended to accommodate appropriate physical-distancing at the restrooms
    • New procedures and protocols created to adhere to proper physical-distancing recommendations will be in place when exiting the theatre following a performance. Announcements will be made prior to the show and instructions will be provided by ABT staff members

What can you do to help ensure a safe environment when attending ABT?

    • Be prepared to have a good time! It’s been a bit since we’ve had some fun!
    • Wear a properly fitting mask (over nose & mouth) when not eating or drinking, physically-distance, and wash hands regularly
    • We kindly request that if you are feeling ill you do not attend ABT
    • If you live with someone who has been exposed to COVID-19 or displays symptoms, or with someone who has the virus, please do not attend ABT
    • If you are unable to make a performance, please email the ABT Box Office BEFORE the performance at info@azbroadway.org to reschedule
    • Sit back, relax, enjoy, and be entertained! (and tell your friends!)




Will I be required to wear a face mask?
Yes. A properly fitting Mask (over nose & mouth) will be REQUIRED when attending ABT. Masks can be removed ONLY when seated, eating and drinking in the ABT lobby.

How will you enforce the wearing of masks?
ABT management staff will be reminding those that remove their masks to put them back on. Those that do not comply will be asked to leave immediately and escorted from the building. There will be no exceptions. No refunds will be provided to those that do not comply. CDC recommendations provide that the wearing of a mask can mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and save lives. This is where we stand currently. Circumstances evolve. We will assess our procedures and protocols daily

What if I have a medical condition and cannot wear a mask?
Masks are REQUIRED to attend ABT. You may choose to attend when the mask requirement is lifted

Are masks required for non-performance related events and gatherings at ABT?
Yes. Attending ABT for any reason requires wearing a mask. For information on a specific non-performance event or gathering at ABT, please contact Phil Perry, Sales & Events Manager at phil@azbroadway.org

What if I do not feel comfortable returning to the theatre?
Please contact the ABT box office at 623-776-8400 to discuss options

PLEASE NOTE: A MASK is defined as a well-secured cloth covering fitting snugly against the face that covers an individual’s nose & mouth. NOT ALLOWED: MASKS with exhaust valves, MASKS made of materials like lace or mesh, MASKS that not over the nose and mouth, plastic face shields without the addition of a MASK)


Will there be dining available upon reopening?
No. Currently, there will be no food service provided. We will continue to evaluate our dining policies and procedures. We hope to resume food service when it is safe to do so

My 2020 ticket purchase included a meal. What will you be doing to accommodate that value?
A dining voucher will be placed on account for the value of your meal. This voucher is good for use at a future time when ABT resumes food service

Will bar service be provided?
Yes. For 2020, bar service will be available in the ABT lobby (there will be no individual table service). Come 2021, drink orders can be placed with your waiter and will be delivered to your table


Will there be a meet ‘n greet with the cast in the lobby after the show?
No. Currently, there will be no meet ‘n greet with the performers or cast following the event or show. We will continue to monitor recommendations and best practices as provided by the CDC .



Have shows been cancelled?
To date, no shows have been cancelled, only postponed. Chicago will be the first full production to return to the ABT stage. Based on recent national industry projections including Broadway and the Actor’s Union, all prudent indicators point to a January 2021 reopening.

When will I find out the new dates of my rescheduled performance(s)?
When the 2021 schedule and shows are finalized, we will make an announcement, and you will be contacted directly. New run dates will be listed on the ABT website at azbroadway.org

What happens to my current tickets (single and subscription)?
Your tickets will be automatically transferred into the corresponding day and time of the new run. For instance, if you purchased tickets for the second Tuesday evening, your tickets will them be moved to the second Tuesday evening of the new run.

Will I receive new tickets?
Yes. We hope to mail new tickets as soon as the schedule is finalized. For your convenience, ABT will also be introducing paperless ticketing.

What if I cannot attend my new dates?
Please contact the box office at 623-776-8400, and we will happily exchange your tickets into a date that works best for you.

If I cannot attend, or do not wish to attend, can I donate the value of my tickets to ABT?
Yes. ABT is a not-for-profit arts organization, and we ask that you kindly consider donating the value of your tickets back to ABT as a tax-deductible donation. Part of the CARES ACT allows individuals that take the standard deduction an additional $300 charitable deduction or $600 for married filing joint filers. You do not need to itemize dedications to be eligible to add this deduction to your taxes.

Can I gift my tickets to someone else?
Yes. Please contact the ABT Box Office to have the name on your tickets changed to that of your guest(s) (Note: a photo ID is required when picking up tickets).

What if I am unable to attend my new dates because I am out-of-state and will not be returning to Arizona?
We will review circumstances on a case-by-case basis to determine options available.

Can I get a refund?
There are no refunds.

What is being offered instead of a refund?
We recognize the importance you place on the value of your tickets. Because of this, a credit* for that value has been placed on your account at ABT good for use toward a future performance (2021 Mainstage, Encore Room, Concert). *Credits-on-account do not apply to Fall 2020 Interim Programming

Why can’t I use my credits for Fall Interim Programming? In the spirit of full transparency, ABT’s phased reopening over the coming months is just the beginning of a still uncertain future. With the loss of 6 Mainstage musical productions, concerts, and special events due to the mandatory COVID-19 shut-down, the financial challenges for the organization and impending deficit are tremendous. The revenue generated from our Fall Interim Programming marks the beginning of a Fundraising campaign vital to the future of ABT. Your participation in our efforts to overcome this unprecedented time is critical to our future. Simply, we must raise revenue in order to begin to plan for the announced January relaunch of our traditional fully-produced musical productions. We thank you for sticking with us!


Can I use a previously purchased gift-certificate or gift card from Season 15 for the rescheduled season?

When will single tickets go on sale for the re-imagined 2021 schedule?
Announcements will be made ASAP.

Will ABT announce Season 17 in February of 2021?
When a new line-up of shows is determined for Season 17, an announcement will be made and subscribers will be notified directly.


Exposure to COVID-19 is a risk in any public setting. ABT cannot guarantee that all exposure to the virus will be eliminated during your visit.