Blue Man Adam Zuick talks about the good ol’ days at Arizona Broadway Theatre

Over 35 million people on our blue planet have experienced the exciting and spectacular show that is BLUE MAN GROUP. And now, the Blue Men return with a new touring show — BLUE MAN GROUP SPEECHLESS TOUR. SPEECHLESS will feature new and original compositions, acts, and instruments alongside iconic Blue Man Group moments based in joy, art, music, comedy, social commentary, and profound absurdity.

Adam Zuick, one of the Blue Men, went to high school and college in Arizona as well as the Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics and Paradise Valley Community College, and his first professional job was in GREASE at Arizona Broadway Theatre. He has been living the dream of being a Blue Man since 2013!

We were able to talk to Adam during his very busy schedule.

Arizona Broadway Theatre: What’s your fondest memory of performing at Arizona Broadway Theatre?

Adam Zuick: It’s hard for me to pick a fondest one because of the five years of memories I have at ABT. The show I think about the most that I performed in was Forever Plaid. Since the show was only four guys, we grew very close. I remember singing with those guys and creating the harmonies of the music was such a treat. You could see the audience light up as they recognized the song we were about to sing. It was priceless. I am just thankful to have met so many great people at ABT. I have so many close friends that I met 10+ years ago at ABT. I am forever grateful!

ABT: How has Arizona and your time in local theatre here shaped your career?

AZ: The knowledge that I gained at ABT is the foundation of my career as a professional actor. I learned so much from working there, not only as an actor, but also working backstage, building sets, and playing in the orchestra. I was able to see every aspect of the theatre first-hand to help really understand how the whole thing works. By watching others perform I could improve my own performance. By being involved in every aspect of the theatre, I became a more well-rounded actor. If I didn’t have that variety of experience at ABT, I know I would not be where I am today.

ABT: How did you land The Blue Man Group gig?

AZ: Blue Man Group was auditioning in New York very shortly after I had moved there. Luckily, I fit the requirements that were stated on their website for people to audition. I had a music background (piano) from my high school (ACAA) that also continued to ABT where I played second keyboard in the orchestra for three main stage productions. They were also looking for people who could express emotion with no words, only your face/eyes. The variety of character acting work that I did at ABT helped a lot in this. The audition was an invited call. We were not only in front of the Blue Man directors, but we were also in front of the other people auditioning during that time slot. I went through 4 days of callbacks. The final day we got to get into costume (bald and blue is what they call it) and perform a number from the show. Afterwards, they called me into their office and said they would like me to join their training class to become a Blue Man. After 9 weeks of training in NYC and Chicago, I got signed off as a Blue Man and I have been doing it since then.

ABT: If you could share any words of wisdom to aspiring actors, what would they be?

AZ: Test your boundaries. Audition for and do things that stretch your comfort zone. Get involved in the different elements of theatre — seeing it from different perspectives is eye-opening. Most importantly, BE YOURSELF!

You may remember Adam from his appearances in the following ABT shows:

Grease, Ensemble
The Music Man, Olin Britt
A Christmas Carol, Old Joe
Forever Plaid, Smudge
My Fair Lady, Servant
Miracle on 34th Street, Mr Sawyer/Whitey
Sunset Boulevard, Ensemble
Tarzan, Snipes
Oklahoma, Ensemble