We love Children!

Arizona Broadway Theatre’s THEATRE FOR YOUNG AUDIENCES program features the talent of professional actors, singers, and dancers in an age-appropriate setting to enrich the lives of young theatre enthusiasts and their families. Each season ABT produces up to four TYA shows and welcomes thousands of young theatergoers through its doors. Teachers and school administrators are welcome to attend TYA performances as part of field trip programming, summer/winter camps or arts outreach initiatives. Families are also encouraged to attend TYA shows on select Saturdays.

Show Information

Requested arrival 9:30am-9:45am
Show begins at 10:00am
Duration is approximately 45-60 minutes
Bus parking is available on the premises

Field Trips

$8 per person (applies to all students, teachers, and chaperones)
Qualifying schools and nonprofit* organizations are eligible for the field trip discount
          *You may be required to provide proof of nonprofit status
Final counts and Purchase Orders must be sent via e-mail, and are due no later than TWO WEEKS prior to your scheduled performance
If a final count is not submitted by your due date, you are responsible for the amount you have contracted
FINAL COUNTS must include each person in attendance (students, teachers, chaperones, parents, etc.)
No additional tickets will be sold on the day of the performance
Full balance is due when booking your reservation
Payment can be completed by credit card, check, or with a Purchase Order


$12 per person (groups of 10 or more)
Groups of 10 or more are eligible for the group discount
If your group falls under the required number (10 or more), your group will no longer be eligible for the group discount, and regular non-discounted prices will be applied to the tickets
Full balance is due when booking your reservation
Payments are to be completed by credit card, check, or cash by the Group Leader only; individual payments by attendees will not be accepted

Refunds and Exchanges

 All sales are final. ABT does not offer cancellations, refunds, or exchanges.

Contact Information

Contact the Group Coordinator at 623-374-6092.