Murder and a Meal

Murder and a Meal Dinner Theatre has been serving-up heaping platefuls of belly-laughs in the Valley of the Sun since 2005. A fully interactive entertainment experience set in an intimate dining setting, audience members can become part of the action coming face-to-face with some of the funniest actors in the Valley! Participants will enjoy a delectable 3-course meal prepared fresh daily by ABT’s talented culinary team. Come one, come all and let Murder and a Meal Dinner Theatre fill your evening with food, fun, and laughter…and maybe a little crime on the side!

Upcoming Shows


JULY 26-27 

Mr. Boddee’s birthday celebration is this evening! All of his so-called “friends” are on the guest list: the gold-digging Miss Scarlett; the eccentric Professor Plum; the intoxicating Mrs. Peacock; the secretive Col. Mustard; the ill-tempered Mr. Green; and poor mistreated and misunderstood Mrs. White. They all have a reason to have a distaste for Mr. Boddee’s erratic, arrogant, and selfish behavior and have a desire to get even with him. Somebody gets bumped off…and it is up to you (the Audience) to establish who the maniacal murderer is. With the help of the lovable security guard, Stoo Pidderdenmost, you will be guided through a web of deceit where you must determine WHODUNNIT!



AUGUST 30-31 

Ah yes, good ol’ Hollywood.  A place where dreams come true.  Forget the dreams, it’s actually the nightmares that concern us.  In Murder on the Movie Set, the audience plays extras on a 1940s movie set where things go terribly wrong during rehearsal for the restaurant scene.  VERY wrong.  The list of suspects is quite unique and not in a way one might think. Was it the frazzled director, the hunky leading man, the ditzy starlet, the aging diva, or her flamboyant, sharp-tongued wardrobe master? Hollywood will never be the same again!!!

This show is rated PG-13 for some mild adult themes.


NOTE:  The Murder and a Meal series is not a production of Arizona Broadway Theatre.