“i.DANCE” Community Impact Project Coincides With Run Of ‘Chicago’ At ABT!

Beginning with Season 15, ABT launched a series of show-related impact projects designed to expand the theatre’s community engagement in meaningful, measurable and memorable ways that extend beyond the productions on stage. Bob Fosse’s iconic choreography and unique style of dance have made the musical Chicago one of the most beloved and longest-running shows on Broadway.

With this in mind, ABT is hosting a two-day dance intensive workshop April 10 & 11, 2020 entitled “i.DANCE” to accompany the run of Chicago (March 13 – April 19). The Chicago i.DANCE Community Impact Project is designed to provide local dancers ages 13-23 the opportunity to expand their personal & artistic growth in a supportive environment, allowing every dancer to excel. The two-day workshop will be led by ABT’s own Associate Artistic Director (and Director/Choreographer of Chicago), Kurtis Overby. Kurtis, along with a number of ABT’s talented Teaching Artists (including members of the cast of Chicago), will deliver outstanding training in both fundamental dance techniques and other styles.

This project has been generously supported by longtime ABT patron, Bette Aronsohn. Bette lived in Manhattan for 30 years pursuing a career in theatre before moving to the West Valley of Arizona 20 years ago. Bette admits she has been in love with the arts since she was six years old “tap dancing and singing Shirley Temple’s ‘Good Ship Lollipop.’” Her love for the arts is why she generously gives of her finances.

“All of the arts are very important to me,” says Bette “and I think more people should give their money to theatre, ballet, opera and museums.”

Bette feels that the arts are suffering in our society and we don’t want to “lose that magic” for our kids and their kids. And, it’s because of children that Bette has given to the i.DANCE Community Impact Project. “Adults get to enjoy the show, but I want young people to have the opportunity to follow their dreams and hone their skills and i.DANCE accomplishes that.”

i.DANCE will be intermediate and advanced workshop classes focused on fundamental dance techniques as well as other dance styles (including Jazz, Ballet, Fosse, and some of today’s other more cutting-edge styles). It is a unique dance workshop opportunity offered in the West Valley where technique, discipline and versatility are rewarded and promises to be an encouraging atmosphere that will expand artistic expression and personal growth in a supportive environment.


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