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Arizona Broadway Theatre wants all guests to enjoy their experience. We are committed to making our shows accessible to everyone, including those with special needs. If you have specific questions about the accessibility of our building, please contact us at 623.776.8400


There are 130 parking spots in the theatre parking lot located on the south side of Paradise Lane which are accessible. There are 7 accessible spots available. 


The theatre's entrance is facing Paradise Lane. The entrance has four doors all side-by-side and has no exterior or interior steps. The easternmost door has an activation switch for automatic door function.

Public Restrooms

Accessible restrooms are available near the Box Office. 

Water fountains are available, near the restrooms.  A water station is also available during the show, near the lobby bar.

Hearing Assistance

Hearing assistance devices are available at the Box Office,  Guests to borrow at no cost on a first-come, first-served basis. ID required. 

Service Animals

Arizona Broadway Theatre welcomes Service Animals trained to provide specific work or tasks for the legally disabled as protected by the ADA. Any other animals that provide comfort or emotional support for their owners are not permitted, including, but not limited to, companion animals, emotional support animals, and therapy dogs. Per Arizona law, it illegal to misrepresent a pet as a service animal and violators face fines up to $250.

Accessible Seating

Mainstage Theatre

When choosing your seats and needing accessiblity, please review the following prior to purchasing tickets.

Tier D is completely accessible for those with a wheelchair or mobility issues. 
Tiers A-C are each two steps down from the previous tier
Tiers E-F are each two steps up from the previous tier
Tier G is three steps up from F
Balcony seating is only accessible by a staircase.  Guests must be able to walk several steps to reach the balcony area. 

Encore Room
Seating is available only on the first level with no steps.  Balcony seating available for some productions.

sENSORY sensitivities

We welcome individuals with sensory needs, including people on the autism spectrum to experience musical theatre.  To assist with your visit, please review the information below.  ABT is working on providing sensory friendly performances for upcoming productions.

What to expect during a performance 
  • Stage lights may have flashing lights, strobes and fog. 
  • House lights will be up during dining. The House Manager will lower lights and back up to signal the performance will be beginning within 5 minutes.  
  • It is recommended if you have earphones to bring them, if needed. 
  • The Mainstage Theatre seats 450 guests. The Encore Room seats up to 200 for a performance.
  • Arizona Broadway Theatre has a wonderful lobby area to take a break, restrooms, and a lobby bar to enjoy a cold beverage.  


What you’ll do, when arriving for a Mainstage Theatre performance: 

Step 1: Arrive and park 

Step 2: Enter through the main entrance doors 

Step 3: Head to the Box Office to your right to pick up tickets at Will Call or purchase tickets. 

Step 4: Head to the Mainstage Theatre, a House Manager will scan each of your tickets before getting into the house.

Step 5: A volunteer or servicer will lead you to your seats.  You may be seated with other guests, if you did not purchase the entire table. 

Step 6: 

  • If you purchased Dinner & Show, a server will be assigned to your table to take your orders.  Please let your server know of any allergies prior to ordering. 
  • If you had purchased just the performance, you will be able to enter the Mainstage Theatre 30 minutes prior to curtain. Please note there is no table service. Beverages can be purchased at the bar.

Step 7: House lights will be up during dining. The House Manager will lower lights and back up to signal the performance will be beginning within 5 minutes.  

Step 8: Enjoy Act One.  Please keep cell phones on silent and off during the performance, as it can distract the performers and other guests.  

Step 9:  During intermission, the restrooms and lobby bar are open.  If you ordered dessert from your server, they will serve you at this time period. 

Step 10: House Manager will again lower lights and back up to signal that the second act will be starting shortly.  

Step 11: Enjoy Act Two. 

Step 12: The performers will come back out after the last scene to take their bows.  Guests are encouraged to clap for their favorite(s). 

Step 13: Guests will head out of the theatre, through the same doors entered, into the lobby and then you can use the restrooms or exit the building through the main doors.