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Legacy Giving

Have you ever wondered “What will my legacy be?”, “How can I leave my mark on the world?”, or even thought about how Arizona Broadway Theatre and the power of the performing arts may have enriched your life, the lives of local children, and the community?

If so, you may benefit from careful gift planning that will establish ways for you to contribute that help you meet your goals and those of Arizona Broadway Theatre. Your legacy of giving through a thoughtful investment in ABT makes an exemplary statement about your enduring generosity. It speaks of a personal philanthropic act that helps to preserve the theatre, provides you with significant tax and financial benefits, and allows you to touch future generations of performing artists and theatre patrons in ways that have a positive and lasting impact for years to come.

If you are considering ABT as part of your estate planning, please consult your trusted financial, tax and legal advisors who are able to counsel you on the most advantageous planned giving choices that will ensure your personal satisfaction.

Popular planned giving options include:

* Bequests
* Gifts that Pay an Income
* Gifts of Charitable Lead Trusts
* Gifts of Retirement Plan Benefits

The Legacy Circle was established to honor the foresight and generosity of loyal and dedicated supporters who have expressed their faith in ABT and designated a gift to the theatre in their estate plans. We invite anyone who has remembered ABT in this way to formalize their commitment by becoming a member of the Legacy Circle and allow us to thank you today for your future generosity


For information about how you, your company, or your foundation can help Arizona Broadway Theatre ensure a long-lasting and resilient future for the performing arts in the Valley of the Sun, please contact

Tax Deductibility

ABT Performing Arts Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Support from the community sustains professional musical theatre that is produced in the Northwest Valley. It also allows ABT to create and deliver youth programming that educates and engages students from all across metropolitan Phoenix. All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

Thank you for considering making a gift to ABT; we simply couldn’t do it without you. It’s true! Without the generous support from our friends, ABT could not produce the top-quality performing arts programming you have come to know, expect and deserve.

ABT Performing Arts Association, Inc.
7701 W Paradise Lane
Peoria AZ 85382
Tax ID #: 87-0794123