That time when Sweeney Todd swept me off my feet

My Date With Sweeney Todd
By Maddy Dowler, Communications Manager

As a new staffer at ABT, I am tasked with attending opening night showings of all of our shows. Normally, this would be great. However, there are two things I tend to veer away from in my entertainment choices — period pieces and evil stuff. And, it seemed Sweeney Todd had both.

But on opening night, I put on my big girl pants and headed to the show with my husband in tow. I chose to upgrade my meal to the short rib ravioli which was delicious while my husband dove into the meat pie. I tasted it as well — very yummy! With the specialty cocktail, Pirelli’s Elixir and a glass of house Chardonnay under my belt, I sat back to enjoy the show.

And, enjoy I did! I can’t believe the talent that erupted from the people onstage that I have been seeing in the hallways backstage and in the office. The overall humorously outrageous plot line made any “darkness” I feared dissipate. The “period” of London in the 1800’s that would normally make me yawn was brought to life with amazing costumes (which I actually saw being made last week!) and sets hand-crafted by those same people in the hallways.

Overall, I became a convert to Sweeney fandom — maybe you want to ‘take a stab’ at it yourself! See you in the hallways!


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