Youth Academy

ABT’s Academy for Young Performers provides children interested in the performing arts the opportunity to explore their creativity and expand their imagination. All classes focus on acting, music, and movement instruction. Classes are great for beginners but are also effective for those with theatre experience.

We have an AMAZING summer of theatre education with multiple, age-specific sessions of Academy! ABT’s Academy for Young Performers INSTILLS and INSPIRES young people to develop an appreciation for the performing arts through education and exploration of those theatre skills. Our qualified staff is excited to TEACH, MENTOR, and MONITOR our young performers during their time with us. We pride ourselves on NURTURING the creative minds and artistic thoughts of all young performers!

Each session is Monday through Friday unless otherwise noted.

For more information, call 623-776-8400.


For children interested in performing in a show. Children will audition, rehearse, and participate in a variety of professional classes including acting, voice, and movement. Each session will feature a stage performance on the final day.

Thanks to everyone who participated in 2019’s camps! Check back in Spring for the 2021 camps.

ABT Academy Summer Experience Registration and Scholarships

ABT offers a select number of scholarships per year. Click HERE for more information or to register for a camp.

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